Сrossplatform Mobile Web Applications

Сross-Platform Applications

Progressive web app is a hybrid of web product and mobile app, that looks like a traditional app while functioning in a browser, with no need to be downloaded.

Webcreator provides interactive SaaS, CMS, CRM built as Progressive Сross-Platform Applications with clean design displayed equally prompt on most devices - iPhone, Android phones and tablets.

Business growth for limited budgets

  • Increase your business mobility with a single solution.
  • By creating one application you tap into both iOS and Android target audience.
  • To get a cross-platform application you need only one team of developers.

Cost-effectiveness & Low-cost maintenance

  • As the source code is maintained in a single place, it is easier to customize the application according to new needs.
  • No need to download new versions to get the updates.
  • Fixing bugs takes less time also.

Secure Firebase Storage & Higher user engagement

  • Backed by Google Cloud Storage and provides secure file uploads and downloads.
  • Google Fireball Platform to supplement our apps with web push notifications, increasing user engagement twice.

Benefits for business owners:

Lower cost

Short timeframe for development

Work on most web and mobile browsers

iPhone, Android, tablets with no need for adaptation Facebook ads and promotion

Auto updates

No need for users to install updates

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