Our projects

Online DGNB auditor
UI/UX - Design - Web/Mobile Development

SaaS solution for virtual DGNB certification of the construction projects.

Creation of a unique cross-platform SaaS solution for DGNB building certification, which is popular today in Europe.


We have identified a series of reasons for which customers access the platform.

For each of them we have thought and implemented a user-friendly interface, enabling visitors to reach their objectives claer and quickly.

Self-service pre-check area interface

Set of pages design with Intuitive interface, enabling average user to easily and in few minutes receive a pre-check of his project online by himself.

Project area UI

Well thought-out interface, providing smooth experience for users, adding projects info for further analyze and optimization.

Life cycle assessment sections

Clean user interface with accents to proceed online cycle assessment and variant analysis pleasantly and avoiding mistakes.


Overall, created interface of digital platform, ensuring all types of communication, required by such a complex process as objective description and assessment of the sustainability of buildings.