Our projects

Brelion SaaS Platform
Design, Development, Corporate identity

Creation and support of American real estate crowdfunding platform Brelion.

Design and development of Brelion crowdfunding web platform

Brelion - is the first real estate crowdfunding platform in Northeast Ohio. The goal of web platform is to bring investors and real estate developers together.

Our achievements:

  • User interface design of about 30 pages/interfaces
  • Modern website
  • Simplified site architecture and workflow
  • Easy and effective user interactions across the platform
  • Brelion digital brand style

Our role

Our team had actively participated in construction of its interface and brand.

The backend of Brelion system allows users to provide wide range of transactions. So, a great number of clean and easy-to-access interfaces were required.

We were particularly responsible to provide UI design for every section of the web app.


We analyzed each operation in order to structure and compose elements so, that live interface could be used as intended by average visitor with ease. It has simplified workflow and helps visitors to focus on the their work.

Overall, Brelion platform handles required transactions, looks modern and at the same time provides smooth interactions with great user engagement.



Before we could create an easy-to-access intuitive interface, first we had to understand the type of customer we deal with.

So, we get to know the average user of platform, his habits and specifics.



The audience of Brelion platform could be divided into two parts - property owners and property investors.

To ensure we design the right interface architecture from the start, we worked with real estate stakeholders to map out all the possible ways, in which visitors would interact with the system.

Based on the research results, we have identified a series of reasons for which customers will access the platform. For each of them we have thought out and implemented a user-friendly interface, enabling visitors to reach their objectives as quickly and pleasantly as possible.



Every registered investor can set up his profile and investor preferences, in order to use Brelion platform in the most effective way.

To improve the member experience and create a sense of community, each user has his public profile, open to rest users, containing short bio and ability to follow him on the site.

This fosters a sense of community and helps members to make business connections.


Real Estate Company

The main opportunity, provided on Brelion, is ability for registred company to add their investment projects on the platform, strictly in required format. The format is totally oriented on users - potential investors.

Investors can browse the list of real estate objects, see all the details, including interior and exterior photos, floor plans, description, agent, and price.

Responsive technology and mobile version also contribute to improving user experience.


Design & neat interface concept

We designed about 30 pages for site sections: Raise capital, Investments, Learn, About, Private account area, Contact us, etc.

Starting from identifying issues and following the best practices of interface design, we have created engaging user experience with clean and light design, evoking positive emotions.

Moreover, it helps visitors to focus on the most useful segments.


My account / User area

Commercial result is the goal for every client. Approachable interface allows investors to see the progress and update account, communicate with comfort.



To achieve success, investors should diversify their portfolios among different assets. Brelion interface clearly shows comparison between available projects - single-family residences, apartments, or commercial development.

Every available property has a detailed description. Also, potential investor can see the statistic info on it.



We should have provided solution ensuring Brelion client's experience is streamlined, effective and interactive.

Webcreator has developed an intuitive website with a clean UI, providing an opportunity for players in the real estate industry to interact on one single platform.

Today Brelion allows to perform great number of user operations every day.


Features, provided for registered real estate firms:

  • Pledge money in certain properties
  • Manage investments in private user area
  • Process safe financial transactions
  • Set investment preferences to get appropriate offers

Every interface balances user's needs and Brelion`s goals. We had to ensure whether all processes were intuitive and logical for a user.

We also identified when design patterns could be repeated and reused to build consistency across the platform. This in turn helped to guide the new information architecture.

With a number of complex page layouts, all pages are setup from components so that different combinations of layout is possible. Also, we have created useful interactive infographics throughout the web site.



We have provided over 30 clean user-interfaces for Brelion online crowdfunding real estate investment platform.

Design and Front-End development work within the project have been also provided by our team.

Today, Brelion is a unique engaging digital experience, encouraging more and more regional real estate entrepreneurs to carry their activity on through web platform.

As a result of our cooperation with Brelion team, more than 30 highly-curated user interfaces of different purposes had been developed within the project.


Brelion is a user-friendly flexible platform, integrated with CRM, that allows homeowners to manage their real estate projects, helps investors to find the most suitable of those, and enables increasing of their ROI online.

Additionally, we defined overall Brelion digital brand style guide with new logo and have provided design of the following brand ID elements:

  • Brandbook
  • Pitch deck
  • Corporate blanks for various purposes - business plans, letterhead, etc.