Our projects

DTEL-IX Brand Identity
graphic design, logo design, corporate identity

Corporate id for the international peering services provider: logo & slogan, business cards, exhibition booth template, corporate brochure print design.

DTEL-IX is an independent Ukrainian Internet Exchange located at Data Center NewTelco Kiev. It is a provider independent IXP in Ukraine with more than 125 members connected, and the customer-friendly 24/7 tech support and qualified tech consultants.

  • Logo design
  • Exhibition stand template design
  • Business cards
  • Corporate brochure design for print
Logo design

Webcreator has created beautiful appropriate symbol to help customer discover, remember and share DTEL-IX brand. New recognizable and versatile logo to use on any type of your promo production has been produced by our designers. Achieve clear understanding of your unique message by target audience.

Exhibition stand template design

Looking to expand into international market, DTEL company had asked us to help them preparing for the large professional exhibition, coming in few weeks.

For B2B company, such as DTEL-IX, professional exhibition is a great opportunity to perform business to ither market players, establish new business network and find relieble partners. Successful participation in such an event can provide a profitable and easy business activity for the company in the future period.

With the help of newly-developed exhibition stand design, we have beaten and exposed key advantages, achievments and specifics of DTEL-IX business activity:

  • All traffic paths and channels from Europe to Asia intersection;
  • Main locations of the company's customers;
  • DTEL-IX - experts in the region

We have scetched out a schematic map with the center point in Kiev. Cities, in which clients are based, shown as petals, conditionally connected to the center.

Business cards

Constrained with the strict timeline, we have also developed business cards and print brochure design for our client before the exhibition starts.


Corporate brochure design

Imagery and color palette was created in such a way that underline the specific business area of the company, their vision of themselves, while maintaining a nod to the whole brand design concept.