Our projects

Real Estate Social Network
Prototyping - UI/UX - Web design - Development

Design and development of social network, connecting people with shared real estate goals.

Our main objective was to create attractive and pleasant-to-use interface for online network, connecting people, interested in various real estate issues in USA. Where users can share news, their interesting experiences or kind of other data, useful for each others.


Our role in the project

  • Overall digital brand style
  • UX design of interfaces across the website, ensuring easy and effective interactions
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Website features implementation

The Goal

Real Estate Social Network is created to eliminate the necessity of spending a lot of time, exploring millions of resources in look of information, advices or contacts, useful for your specific real estate interest.

Any question or goal you have, the community of like-minded friends with shared real estate goals, will help you to find the right solution on Investorfriend.com.


Business Analysis

This is important so that we can marry the needs of the business with the users.

We have analyzed the US real estate market, including all types of players with their specific needs and decision-making factors, as well as dibersify range of services, offered and interested in.

Market research enabled us to provide network, uniting all kinds of US real estate market participants:

  • Real estate investors, looking for partners or new investment opportunities within US
  • US real estate professionals of various specifications
  • Individuals of different ages and income levels, interested in any or some of diversified real estate services in US

Basic Features 

  • Quick access
    Login with Facebook profile or create new real estate account with several clicks.
  • Profile creation and setting
    Upload profile picture, set your occupance, real estate interests, income level and info that will help like-minded usersto find and connect you.
  • Messages with Video and Images
    Website provides secure file uploads and downloads for user-generated content. Storage is backed by Google Cloud Storage.

Find friends matching your interests

Search for useful connections easily. Get the list of users with shared real estate goals by using detailed filters by:

  • Property type and it's features
  • Specific real estate operations and services
  • Required location of property
  • Level of income


Messages - Communication

Using Firebase Cloud Messaging cross-platform solution by Google. We have integrated a user-friendly chat, based on Firebase Cloud Messaging solution by Google for quick messages and push-up notifications for users of Real Estate Social Network




Safe Content Sharing

Get to know up to date real estate news, upcoming events and specisls by following your friends pages. Share your own area-related photos and other useful data.

New social network gives an opportunity for secure storage and share of users data

Thanks to cloud-hosted database , users data remains available even if the app goes offline, providing a great user experience regardless of network connectivity.